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You want a competitive price for your mineral interests. You want to be confident in the offers you’re getting. And you want a transparent and no-drama process for commencing and completing the sale.

Travis Heringer has brokered hundreds of transactions guided by these principles, and he wants to do the same for you

Travis Heringer has made a name for himself in oil and gas mineral sales as a trustworthy advocate that gets the job done—and at premium prices for his clients. A third-generation oil and gas broker, this industry is in his blood. For the past 15 years, he’s worked diligently to get his clients the best deals possible by leveraging his industry knowledge and extensive network of contacts to create a favorable market environment for sellers. With millions of dollars in successful leases and sales closed, and a deep knowledge of how to navigate this complex industry, sellers know they can entrust their transactions to him with confidence.

Our Approach & Process

As a seller-side broker, Travis’s approach is focused squarely on finding the most competitive prices for his clients mineral interests: being a committed partner who walks through the process with sellers end-to-end; and protecting sellers from unfair lowball offers.

1.Qualified buyers

Maintaining an extensive list of qualified buyers
who are willing to pay premium prices for sellers’

2.Pricing and marketing expert

Being the pricing and marketing expert in his clients’
corners and earning their trust that he will masterfully
represent their interests.

Sell Oil & Gas royalties and minerals
for a variety of reasons

My customers have sold their royalties and minerals for a variety of reasons. I’m here to help you both walk through the selling process and make the best financial decision for you. Bottom line: the proceeds from sales at the prices I achieve for my clients would often take years to accumulate in monthly royalty checks. Enjoy your money today rather than waiting years to recoup it one month at a time.


Turning mineral or royalty
interests into immediate cash.


Estate and trust planning.


Helping to pay off debt


Looking to reinvest other

Tax advantages

Leveraging a 1031 exchange
in the property sale


Getting rid of accounting


Don’t take that first offer from the market. Instead, let me help you market and sell your minerals at the best price possible. I welcome you to dial me up; let’s talk about how I can help you and your family.

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