Sell Oil & Gas royalties and minerals
for a variety of reasons

My customers have sold their royalties and minerals for a variety of reasons. I’m here to help you both walk through the selling process and make the best financial decision for you. Bottom line: the proceeds from sales at the prices I achieve for my clients would often take years to accumulate in monthly royalty checks. Enjoy your money today rather than waiting years to recoup it one month at a time.



  • First, a consultation to understand your goals for the mineral sale process.
STEP – 2

Reviewing Your Property and Purchase Offers

  • An initial review of your property. Specifically checking for production, leasing activity and well permitting in your area. It’s during the process we can get an idea of what your minerals are worth.
  • We will also review any purchase offers you have received. These offers can be extremely helpful in gauging market interest and the net acreage that you own.
STEP – 3

Marketing Strategy

  • We develop a marketing strategy of how to get you the most money for your minerals.
STEP – 4

Extensive List Of Buyers

  • Our extensive list of buyers have been vetted through the relationships we’ve built over the years. We will get your mineral interests in front of companies that are willing to pay premium prices for their areas of interests. Working with us allows you access to this exclusive list.
  • Based on the goals we discuss with you, we field the offers as they come in. Always taking our lead from you but giving advice on potential counter offers.
STEP – 5

Contractual Process

  • Once we reach that goal, or better yet, surpass it, I’m with you through the challenges of contractual process. Reviewing offer letters, purchase and sale agreements, and the mineral deed. You’ll be tapped into our decades of experience throughout this portion of negotiations. If necessary we work with excellent attorneys around the country that can assist in any legal matter that arise. We want you to be protected and ensure that you’re not signing anything onerous.
  • We’re there until the very end, ensuring the closing process goes smoothly and that the wired funds are safely in your account before any deed is transferred over to the buyer.
STEP – 6

We Can Partner

  • If necessary we can partner with our sister company Herco Oil and Gas ( to provide you with a mineral appraisal. In cases of inheriting oil and gas royalties or minerals, we can go back to the date you acquired the interest. For tax reasons you’ll want to establish the accounting basis or step-up in basis for the mineral

Don’t take that first offer from the market. Instead, let me help you market and sell your minerals at the best price possible. I welcome you to dial me up; let’s talk about how I can help you and your family.

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